DigitalTrust Commercial PKI Repository

Welcome to the DigitalTrust Commercial PKI repository. DigitalTrust operates a commercial PKI with corresponding Trust Anchors to cater for any PKI services needed outside the UAE National PKI e.g. national PKIs for other countries.

Certificates are issued under polices and procedures referenced below.

The DigitalTrust Root CAs are pending inclusion in web browsers.

The Valid/Expired/Revoked pages linked from here are chained up to the DigitalTrust Root CAs

DigitalTrust Commercial PKI Public Trust CAs

DigitalTrust Certificate Policies, Practices, and Profiles

Certificate Support around the Clock!

Our support pages have been designed with both the network administrator and novice in mind. Our Certificate Support pages provide step-by-step details for each of the most common web server applications used today. If yours is not listed, contact a support technician for further help..