DarkMatter PKI Services Grid Repository

Welcome to the DarkMatter Grid portal. DarkMatter is seeking to be an accredited IGTF CA via EUGridPMA.
In June 2016, DarkMatter launched it's PKI Services when it created a number of Trust Anchors (root and sub CAs) for the provisioning of certificates. DarkMatter has two different hierarchies for the issuance of IGTF accredited grid certificates - one that operates only within the IGTF (this is the one accreditation is currently being sought for), and another that chains to publicly trusted Root CAs (this heirarchy is already accredited since January 2017). DarkMatter is currently seeking the accreditation of the Private Trust IGTF ONLY hierarchy.

Certificates are issued under polices and procedures referenced below.

DarkMatter Grid Public Trust CAs

DarkMatter Grid Private Trust CAs

DarkMatter Grid Certificate Policies, Practices, and Profiles

We are here, 24/7, to help you with any Grid certificate support questions you might have.

Support Toll Free: 800-3275-2378 (UAE)

Support Direct: +971-2-417-1323

Email: pki-support@DarkMatter.ae

Grid Certificate Support around the Clock!

Our support pages have been designed with both the network administrator and novice in mind. Our Grid Certificate Support pages provide step-by-step details for each of the most common web server applications used today. If yours is not listed, contact a support technician for further help.

DarkMatter Contact Address:

DigitalTrust LLC
Level 12, AlDar HQ
P.O. Box 113979
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
T: +971-2-417-1483
W: https://www.digitaltrust.ae/